12 January 2012

Engineering Innovation & Design Contest 2012

IMechE Engineering Innovation & Design Contest

This calls for another reminder to all interested members of the IMechE. Deadline of the contest submission is drawing to a close! For those who are interested to enrich your engineering lives and stand a chance to win cash and the once in a lifetime opportunity to represent the Mechanical Engineering field of Malaysia in a foreign country, don't forget to submit a brief description of your design project, complete with graphics to help describe your project, all in PDF format.

All you need to do is if your Final Year Projects (Final year degree students) are somewhat related to Green Technology, it could even be ways to sort thrash, just submit a brief project description to help explain your projects to the judging panel. Selected candidates will be asked to present their working prototype by the end of the competition, during the exhibition day which will be on the 22nd of March 2012, in KDU University College. 

This is a great opportunity to exhibit what you have worked hard for or even something that you have passion for. Lets help engineer a better future.

Speak Out for Engineering 2011/2012

IMechE Malaysia Branch
Youth Member Section (YMS)

Report on National Speak Out for Engineering (SOfE) Competition 2011
Subject           : National SOfE Competition 2011
Venue             : Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Date               : 3rd December 2011
Time               :  8.15am – 2.15pm

On December 3, 2011, the UNITEN IMechE Student Chapter hosted the National Speak Out for Engineering (SOfE) Competition 2011 in UNITEN. It was fully supported by the YMS of Malaysia in hope of organizing the annual competition in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere for the benefit of the participants from the engineering community in Malaysia. The event was graced by the presence of the Prof. Teoh Kok Soo, the Chairman of IMechE Malaysia; Dr. Satesh, the Honorary Secretary of IMechE Malaysia.; Mr. Mathew Thomas, committee member of IMechE Malaysia and  Dr. Tan Chou Yong, the Chairman of YMS.

In brief, the SOfE Competition is organized annually by the YMS of Malaysia. It is a great platform for individual participants to explore and present their findings of interest in the engineering world to a panel of judges. The deserving winners will be rewarded with cash prizes, whereby the overall winner will receive the opportunity to represent Malaysia at the international level in the IMechE Regional Asia Oceania SOfE Competition. Cash prizes for the first and second-placed winners are wholesome 300 British pounds and 200 British pounds respectively. The previous winner, Mr. Suraj Shergill Singh from UNITEN, had the chance to showcase his knowledge and presentation skills all the way in India at the regional competition.

This year, the panel of judges was formed by three distinguished individuals in their respective fields, namely Prof. Dr. Andanastuti Muchtar from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Dr. Lai Mei I from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Mr. Robest Yong, an innovator from the Agency of Innovation, Malaysia. Facing the established panel of judges were 7 enthusiastic and anxious participants from various higher education institutes in Malaysia, namely:

1)      Mohamed Ackiel Mohamed                (UiTM)
2)      Mohd Harith Mohd Rothi                    (Taylor’s University)
3)      Wan Muhammad Djawad                    (UNITEN)
4)      Nazarul Hisham                                    (Monash University)
5)      Yafus Shakeel Siddiqui                         (Nottingham University)
6)      Fathasya Nurul Aishah bt. Izany        (UiTM)
7)      Edwin Sim                                               (Monash University)

The day began with the participants and judges arriving for registration and light breakfast prepared by the organizing committee of UNITEN to ensure that everyone was ready and hyped for the upcoming competition. Each participant was supported by their respective lecturers and colleagues. This was especially emphasized by a highly supportive delegation of UiTM students in the audience. At 9am, the competition officially began with Mohamed Ackiel Mohamed presenting his topic “A Novel Inverse Finite Element Program for Mechanical Properties of Human Skin”. He incited the interest of everyone in the room with his explanation on extracting the mechanical properties of human skin via reverse engineering. It was especially inspiring due to the lack of relevant information on human skin in the current academia. He ended his presentation on a high note and invitation to all for a visit to UiTM for voluntary skin-testing.

Wan Muhammad Djawad maintained the hype in the room by following with an eye-opening presentation entitled “Kite Wind Energy”. Through a series of illustrations and video, he propagated the fundamental concept of his topic with confidence and further raised the audience awareness in environmental conservation and search of renewable energy sources. According to him, the potential energy to be generated by the kite technology is much efficient and economical if compared to wind turbine technology, an issue with high potential that should be addressed and pondered by the engineering world.

From the interest on skin and kite, the judges and audience were led to the field of magnetic levitation by Nazarul Hisham with his topic “The Applications of Magnetic-levitation”. He introduced the concept of magnetic levitation with real-life examples such as the awe-inspiring Maglev train in Japan and further development of small Maglev vehicle. The judges were much intrigued by his presentation and even enquired on the potential of magnetic levitation vehicles in Malaysia. Nazarul managed to present his ideas with much poise and confidence.

The audience in the room was then introduced to the topic “Gyroscopes: A New Dimension” by Yafus Shakeel Siddiqui. According to Yafus, his motivation on the topic came from a seemingly silly yet interesting activity done by his friend - observing a spinning top on the floor with great interest. Upon questioning, he realized that it was to understand the mechanism of the gyroscopes and its important applications in the current world, from the small yet powerful iPhone 4 to the essential global positioning system (GPS) device used by many, and the discovery of the existence of the fourth dimension in our world, time. Many were awed to know the usage of a simple yet important device upon Yafus’s presentation. 

The next participant, Fathasya Nurul Aishah, came confident and casual in her presentation on “Design of Impact Attenuator for EMoC (UiTM Perodua Eco Challenge Car)”. She emphasized on the importance of safety in driving vehicles, especially due to the increasing number of vehicle accidents in Malaysia. She then brought the judges’ attention to the importance and features of the impact attenuator in a vehicle to reduce injuries and damages to both passengers and vehicle. She concluded by stating that the potential commercial implementation of the component would be dependent on the vehicle size and future development on sizing the component.

With Fathasya’s focus on vehicle safety, Edwin Sim followed up with a topic in the same field with his presentation entitled “Electronic Stability Control: The Myth and Effort towards Accident Prevention”. To capture the audience’s attention on the importance of driving safety, Edwin posed various rhetorical questions related to vehicle’s safety features and drivers’ driving competency. He highlighted the importance of combining and balancing both aspects to achieve best effect in driving safety. It was pointed that neither advanced safety technology or car design would be 100% effective in preventing accident if the driver was over-reliant on the technology or lack of the necessary competency.

Mohd Harith Mohd Rothi, as the final participant, delivered a concept-based presentation on “The Concept of CDIO and the Implementation”. With Taylor’s University being the sole institute to be recognized with CDIO in Malaysia currently, Mohd Harith presented his views on the advantages and results that had been produced since the implementation of CDIO in Taylor’s education syllabi. It allowed students to systematically plan, organize and execute their projects or idea, thereby increasing their interest and level of technical competency. He urged for the implementation of such system in the education system for the benefits of all.

The high quality of presentation and knowledge displayed by the participants left the judges with a difficult task. So competitive were the results that the judges had to reconvene and determine the overall, deserving winner to represent Malaysia at the international level. In the end, after much apprehension, Dr. Tan Chou Yong announced that Mohamed Ackiel Mohamed was the first runner-up while Wan Muhammad Djawad was crowned as the overall winner. The announcement was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience and participants. Before returning, all attendees were treated to a sumptuous lunch prepared by the committee.

To conclude, with the high quality of presentation and intense competition, the SOfE Competition 2011 was a roaring success for all. Prof. Teoh urged that all students of engineering to be motivated by the opportunity presented by the competition to explore their potential and express themselves on the prestigious platform. It was hoped that the engineering students’ pursuit for technical knowledge and competency would be aligned with an equal development in soft skills to be all-rounded individuals, contributing towards the development of the society.

Prepared by:

Wong You Wei
Chairman of National SOfE Competition 2011
UNITEN Student Chapter

Verified by:
Dr. Tan Chou Yong
Youth Member Section (YMS)
Institution of Mechanical Engineers Malaysia Branch

 Group photograph taken at the National SOfE Competition 2011

Prof. Dr. Teoh Kok Soo, the Chairman of IMechE Malaysia presents the SOfE trophy and cheque amounting £300 to the winner, Wan Muhammad Djawad from UNITEN. 

 Prof. Dr. Teoh Kok Soo, the Chairman of IMechE Malaysia presents a cheque amounting £200 to the 1st runner up, Mohamed Ackiel Mohamed from UiTM. 

 Dr. Tan Chou Yong, the Chairman of YMS-IMechE Malaysia presenting his speech
during the National SOfE Competition 2011.

Participants anxiously wait for the announcement of winners.

Judges having hard times in evaluating the performance of the participants.

 Guests, particpants and judges having refreshments before the National SOfE Competition 2011 begins.

 Dr. Lai Mei I from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) receiving souvenirs from Prof. Dr. Teoh Kok Soo, the Chairman of IMechE Malaysia

 Yafus Shakeel Siddiqui from Nottingham University Malaysia Campus
in action during the competition
Mohd Harith Mohd Rothi from Taylor’s University in action during the competition

25 November 2011

November Newsletter

Institution of Mechanical engineers
 Agenda newsletter

25 November 2011


Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2011: meet the winners

The Institution identified the UK’s top ten manufacturers at its prestigious Manufacturing Excellence Awards held in the Dorchester hotel in London on 23 November; Stephen Tetlow, Chief Executive of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers commented: "The success of these companies is encouraging for UK manufacturing as a whole."
Scottish Energy 2020 

Scottish Energy 2020?
A target too far?

The Institution reviews the Scottish Government’s declaration that by 2020, 20% of the total Scottish energy demand would be met from renewable resources.
Population Challenge winners 

Nigerian engineers win 
global Population Challenge

Young Nigerian engineers won the first Population Challenge at the House of Commons by considering how to deal with Nigeria’s growing food crisis.
Apprentice Challenge 

Life is no drag
for Apprentice Challenge winners

Top young UK engineering talent raced mini drag-racers built entirely from scrap at the Apprentice Challenge at Duxford.

Supporting professional development 
at Jaguar Land Rover

The strong link between the Institution and Jaguar Land Rover has been further cemented by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Professional Liability, exposures and duty of care:
do you know where you stand?

Having insufficient insurance could leave Institution members highly exposed. Jelf Professions want to help Institution members feel protected.

High achievements north of the border
CEO celebrates Scottish engineering

Stephen Tetlow recently visited Scottish colleges and companies to meet some of the Institution’s brightest engineering prospects.

Royal Marines sign up: 
serving engineers gain further links with Institution

The Institution’s excellent links with the armed forces continue thanks to the signing of a streamlined application process with the Royal Marines.

Presidential Visit to Loughborough
and Eastern successes

Celebrating a Presidential Visit to Loughborough and successes at universities and companies in the West Midlands, East of England and the North East.

From Brigitte Bardot’s curvy car to Thomas the Tank Engine: The latest Engineering Heritage Awards

The ‘most beautiful car ever made’, a cold war icon and the inspiration for Thomas the Tank Engine have just received Engineering Heritage Awards.

F1 engineers help search 
for design stars of the future

Students from schools and universities across England gathered for the finale of the Formula Student Schools event in Bedford.
 Events and training 

The McNulty Report: Engineering solutions

6 December 2011 | London, UK
This seminar examines the engineering response - find out exactly how the proposals affect you, and how they can make the industry as a whole more profitable.

Incontinence: The Engineering Challenge VIII

07-08 December 2011 | London, UK
This seminar is the key European meeting in this area, and brings engineers, clinicians, researchers, commercial designers and producers, nurses, carers and users together, to examine existing solutions and solve current problems.

Expert witness - excellence in report writing

7 December 2011 | London, UK
Reports are seen by many professionals during litigation and often new instructions are received from opposition lawyers for future cases.

Expert witness - courtroom skills

8 December 2011 | London, UK
In a landmark Supreme Court ruling this year expert witnesses lost their immunity from being sued for breach of duty.
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18 November 2011

November Newsletter

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Student member newsletter - November 2011
  Concorde Technical Tour

Caring for your Career

As the year begins to draw to a close, IMechE is looking to the future—and so should you!  In this month’s newsletter we profile Anthony Howarth, an engineering student at the University of Bath. We’ll also discuss how IMechE can help you chart your professional progress with Career Developer and look into the issue of women’s representation in the engineering field in our Topic of the Month.
  Anthony HowarthIMechE Member Profile
Anthony Howarth, Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering student at the University of Bath
Why did you decide to become an engineer?
I’ve wanted to become an engineer from a very young age; engineering is more of a vocation than a job for me. History has been defined by engineering achievements, and I would like to play my part!
Why did you decide to use the Career Developer?
I started using the Career Developer during a placement year at MBDA Missile Systems in order to track my progress in applying to become a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. I recommend it.
How has Career Developer supported you during your studies?
The developer allowed me to set goals, track my progress and save evidence to demonstrate completion of objectives. It provided a great way to communicate with my mentor who was based abroad for the year. The competencies checklist helped to identify areas in which I needed to gain experience or improve my abilities.
What advice do you have for students in their third or fourth year of engineering programmes?
Do lots of research into companies you’d be interested in working for when you graduate – there are so many out there, and your dream job might take a bit of searching.
Keeping Track
It’s never too early to begin keeping track of your professional development, and IMechE has the perfect tool to help. Career Developer is a suite of online tools offering you a central repository for all your professional records - even if you move between companies.
You can also book a 1-2-1 personal advice session with one of our Professional Development team to plan your continuing professional development.
Best of all, it’s simple to use. Start plotting your progress and setting your goals.  
The Challenge of Concorde
Concorde still ignites the passion of many engineers, despite the fact that it is no longer in active service. This was clearly demonstrated at the hugely oversubscribed “Concorde: The Challenges and Thrills” lecture held in the Rolls-Royce Heritage Museum, Derby on 20th October. IMechE members were captivated with a presentation given by former Concorde pilot, Les Evans, reviewing Concorde’s technological features with his own experience of the quirks and delights of flying - such as the art of overfilling the fuel tanks and the ever-present danger to the Captain’s hat!
We’re hoping Les will join us again in 2012 to share more of his experience, next time focusing on why Concorde was taken out of service and a look ahead to the future of supersonic civil aircraft.
To keep an eye out for this or to look for other events like this in your area.
Untapped Resource 
Despite women making up more than half of the population, the percentage of UK female engineers is only around 8 percent - the lowest in Europe! So why are they so under-represented?
UK women have broken into other traditionally male-dominated sectors, but many say there is something about engineering that makes it the toughest for women to be accepted.
IMechE says women with engineering potential are an untapped resource that could plug the skills gap. The engineering industry can no longer afford to exclude over 51% of the population.
We asked for your views on the matter and were overwhelmed by the responses! Alexandra Marshall said that “until there are more female role models in a wider cultural/media catchment, young girls are just not going to consider engineering.” Philip Booth countered that “women perform as well as men do. I don't think we need to encourage or target women to apply. We need to focus on getting more engineers in the workplace; men and women.” This really was a great debate and we loved hearing your view. Have your say on the IMechE Facebook page!
Come visit the IMechE stand at the UK’s largest professional engineering and construction recruitmentevent at the NEC, Birmingham on 25 & 26 November 2011!
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